Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ex-KGB gives America stern warning, in 1985

America - The last great hope, "the last country of freedom and possibility." If America falls, "you have have nowhere to defect to." Here, he explains the world-wide Marxist strategy: Demoralization(20 years) - Destabilization(2-5 years) - Crisis(6+ weeks) - Change of Power-Normalization. Aired in 1985, I still feel it is relevant today. Most disturbing, the idea of "ideological subversion" and "psychological warfare." A great brainwashing process. Forget about espionage and secret agents. 85% of KGB budget was propaganda warfare. KGB sought out and recruited those who could formulate and influence public opinion. Self-important, cynical ego-centrist liars are the most recruit-able targets. Ardent leftists, or "useful idiots," were ignored, as a strategy. (These he says, are the first executed after revolution, doomed to execution.) Isn't this the state of American media, education and government today?

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