Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Commissars Of Climate Change

The Commissars Of Climate Change -

"It's not just income taxes that might trash the dreams of Joe the Plumber.

Ready or not, Joe and the rest of us are also about to get mugged by the commissars of climate change. On this, I've got a bipartisan beef, since both John McCain and Barack Obama have bought into the panicked Al Gore storyline that the earth has a man-made 'fever.' Both candidates are promising to meet it with dramatic and costly new forms of government control."

It is my hope, that Americans are not duped into the biggest power grab in history, simply because it is wrapped in the veil of saving Planet Earth from the one-hundreth percent (.01) increase in the amount of man-made carbon-dioxide emissions. As Rossett states ..."[It] is a road map to state meddling in every aspect of daily life."

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