Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is this dude a shill for Iran, or what?

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Nuclear Detectives | Nuclear watchdog's attack warning

High Noon With Iran

High Noon With Iran

The Real Che Guevara

The Real Che Guevara

The Net Neutrality Scam, brought to you by Google-Yahoo-Microsoft

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I guess I wasn't the only one who was outraged at ABC

Still, no one mentions that Bruce Reidel was a former Clinton Assistant Secretary of State and has bascially spoken out against every tool and operation the Bush Admininstration has employed to defend our country.

This guy really believes that if we got the "real" 9/11 perpetrator, Osama been Missing, that someone this worldwide Islamic Jihad would end. Like Iran/Iraq/Syria has NOTHING to do with it.

WorldNetDaily: ABC News accused of treasonous report

Bridget is out of surgery

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It wasnt fun getting this


Full battle rattle

ABC News Reporter Brian Ross Allows Clinton hacks to Warn Iranians of U.S. Plans

Here is the latest from hot shot ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross ...

"Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran"

Well, it is not very covert now, is it? Nor is Iran's "secret" summer offensive (see previous post.)

Doesn't Brian Ross have a responsibility to report that Bruce Riedel is a Clinton operative? If he was Bush 41 team member, I'm sure it would have been plastered all over the article. I am confident this was leaked by Bush enemies trying to undermine Bush foreign policy. You would think the leakers were actually working for the Iranian Mullahs, that is how sickening this is to me. And to me, if you support this Islamo-Nazi regime in any way, even in something as ineffective as some stupid pro-Iranian propaganda hit piece on Bush 43, them you are in effect, supporting the very source and epicenter of worldwide terror and jihad. You are not fighting the good fight.

Could you imagine this headline in 1943?
"Roosevelt to Send Special Forces into Germany to Destabilize Nazi Regime"

The Blotter

Thursday, May 10, 2007

To The Point News - Man Made Global Warming?

Subscription Required.... (Well worth it!)

The Indiana Jones of the Right ... Dr. Jack Wheeler!

by Dr. Jack Wheeler

We're going for a wild ride here, starting on a log floating down a river, then go on a fling through the galaxy. On the way, we'll examine the extinction of the dinosaurs. We'll end up applying aikido to astrophysics as a way to de-subsidize the glowarmers.

Glowarmers - those who believe in the religion of Man-Made ("Anthropogenic") Global warming - argue that:

1. The earth's climate is getting dangerously warmer due to "greenhouse gases" that hold heat in the atmosphere so it can't escape into frigid space...

2. The greenhouse gas primarily responsible for this "greenhouse effect" causing global warming is carbon dioxide...

3. Human energy production and consumption (e.g., coal-fired power plants, internal combustion engines) is the primary emitter of the additional carbon dioxide causing the global warming...

4. Thus the solution to global warming is the drastic reduction of human carbon dioxide emissions.

This argument is so willfully ignorant of basic science that it cannot be attributed to stupidity. Indeed, a great many glowarmers are highly intelligent. It must be attributed to an ego-trip of absolutely monumental magnitude, of genuinely pathological proportions.

So lunatic enormous that the glowarmers' egos are like the ultimate joke example of egomania, the flea with a hardon.

The Egomaniacal Flea who is lying on his back on a log floating down a river admiring his erection, an erection he perceives to be so enormous that when the log approaches a drawbridge across the river he yells out, "Raise the bridge!"

The glowarmers are like the flea because - setting aside the wholesale misperception of how our atmosphere absorbs solar energy - carbon dioxide is a trace greenhouse gas, and the portion of it that's man-made is a trace of this trace.

Fully 95% of greenhouse gases is water vapor, which glowarmer apocalyptic computer models ignore. While there is less water vapor in drier climates like the Arctic and more in the tropics, averaged for all locations water vapor is between 2 and 3% of the atmosphere, while carbon dioxide levels are 0.04%.

There is sixty times as much water vapor, on average, in the air than CO2, which is why CO2 accounts for 3.6% of the "greenhouse effect" (water vapor accounts for 95% while methane, nitrous oxide, and other gases make the remaining 1.4%).

But of course most CO2 is produced naturally, such as by plants and the oceans, over 96.7% in fact. Human activity (those cursed gasoline engines in our cars, etc.) accounts for only some 3.2% of CO2 in the planet's air.

If you multiply 3.6% (0.036) times 3.2% (0.032), you get mankind's carbon dioxide contribution to the total greenhouse effect presently warming the earth: slightly more than 1/10th of 1%. One tenth of one percent. That's our total contribution.

All of the demands to de-industrialize America, drive less, "save energy," use less toilet paper, on and hairshirt self-laceration on, is to reduce that 3.2% of 3.6%, that infinitesimal one tenth of one percent. Raise the bridge!

As the evidence continues to overwhelmingly mount that the main driver of "climate change" - the actual ship in the river needing the bridge raised instead of the flea on the log with his microscopic weenie - is the sun's magnetic activity preventing cosmic ray-induced cloud formation (see The Death of the Argument for Man Made Global Warming, October 2006), an astounding finding of astrophysics has just emerged.

We all know what nailed the dinosaurs 65 mya (million years ago). Paleontologists call it the K-T extinction because it correlates with the K-T geological boundary ending the Cretaceous, which started 144 mya ("K" to distinguish it from the Carboniferous, 359-299 mya; "T" for Tertiary, 65-1.8 mya).

A meteorite six miles in diameter slammed into the present Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico with an energy of 100 trillion tons of TNT (or more than four billion Hiroshima-size atomic bombs), spraying a layer of the rare element iridium around the world as evidence.

We all know this - but what's less known is the K-T is only one of several mass extinctions life on earth has suffered over the last 540 million years for which we have a fossil record (there may have been earlier ones but critters then didn't have hard body parts to fossilize).

The worst was the "Great Dying" of the Permian-Triassic (P-Tr) extinction 251 mya, when 96% of every species in the oceans and 70% of every species on land became extinct.

Yet there is no evidence that these other mass extinctions were caused by a giant meteorite. What caused them has been a mystery to science - and now the mystery seems to have been solved.

It was solved by two guys in Kansas.

So I direct your attention to their paper, Do Extragalactic Cosmic Rays Induce Cycles in Fossil Diversity?, by Mikhail Medvedev and Adrian Melott, Professors of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Kansas.

It turns out that mass extinctions are cyclical - that is, they occur roughly every 64 million years or so - and this cycle correlates with our solar system's position in the galaxy.

Our solar system is in an arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. As the galaxy rotates with the arms spinning around the center, the solar system see-saws up and down with respect to the plane of the arm's rotation. The solar system doesn't stay flat in the center of the plane of rotation (the "galactic disk") but swings above it then back down below it in a cycle of... you guessed it, about 64 million years.

Thus whenever the solar system gets way above the galactic disk at the high point of the cycle, there's a mass extinction. When we're back down within the disk or below it, we seem to be safe from mass extinctions. (Not to worry - we're safe within the disk now. Recall that the K/T was meteorite-caused and is not a part of the cycle.)

So what are we protected from when we're inside or below the disk? What are we exposed to when we're outside and above it?

Massive flows of very high energy cosmic rays from outside our galaxy, coming from a set of galaxies the Milky Way is moving towards called the Virgo Cluster.

Just as the sun's magnetic field acts as an electronic umbrella shielding our planet from an overabundance of cosmic rays emitted by sources within our galaxy, such as supernovae, the galaxy itself has a magnetic field which shields us from cosmic rays from other galaxies.

These "extragalactic" cosmic rays (EGCRs) can have enormous energies, tens of trillions of electron volts (TeV) - to which our planet is exposed when the solar system is in the EGCR "bow shock," when we're out there by our lonesome north and above the shield of the galactic disk.

The correlation between EGCR exposure and mass extinctions is dramatically shown in this graph:

The red line is the CR Flux, our exposure to cosmic rays, which oscillates from high north above the plane to low south when below. The blue is number of species. Note where the blue line dips to almost zero midway between 200 and 300 million years ago. That's the Permian (P-Tr) Great Dying extinction.

So - we have the correlation, so strong it's thousand-to-one odds that it's chance. Massive exposure of the earth to cosmic rays causes mass extinctions. But how? What's the mechanism? Medvedev and Melott do not argue for one in particular.

They list a number of possibilities. Direct EGCR radiation can be lethal to organisms. Or it can damage DNA, causing negative mutations affecting a species' survivability. Or it can damage the ozone shield in our atmosphere. Or it can greatly increase nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere, which can also increase negative mutations.

One of the strongest possibilities, they believe, is the mechanism of "climate change" -- so much EGCR radiation causing such massive cloud formation for so long that it tips the planet into "global freezing," causing mass extinctions.

Further, the colder it is, the drier it is. Even with all the clouds, it rains less, for a cool climate reduces evaporation from the oceans. Thus global cooling causes global drought, a further driver of mass extinction.

Only additional "detailed research," Medvedev and Melott conclude, will determine which of these possibilities is the likeliest cause of mass extinction.

So now it's time for aikido. Aikido is the martial art that doesn't block an opponent's energy then counterpunches, but accepts and redirects an opponents' energy, using an opponents' own energy against him.

The primary force behind the Glowarmers is government money. Scientists are being paid billions of dollars in government research grants to prove global warming - for if they disprove it, the grants disappear.

There are two ways to deal with this. One is to eliminate government bribery, also known as "funding," for climate research. I, of course, would prefer that, but there's little chance. The other would be to redirect substantial funding away from glowarmers and give it to another scientific constituency - like astrophysicists.

Every dollar you take away from glowarmer scientists is a dollar they can't spend ginning up phony computer models ignoring such critical factors as water vapor.

Giving that dollar instead to astrophysicists studying the effects of cosmic rays on our climate might actually help discover the real cause of climate changes.

By using aikido on the Glowarmer Flea, his laughable egomania can be exposed, and real science can be conducted. Let's wish Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and his colleagues on Capitol Hill all the best as they do so.

Soros Still Spinning Web, this time, at the World Bank

Hanky-Panky at the Bank: Bush Supports Wolfowitz; Activists Call for Ouster

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mission Accomplished

FR EXCLUSIVE: "Mission Accomplished" banner was ordered by the Navy, not by the White House

NAVY WEBSITE ^ | 5-1-07 | DFU

Posted on 05/01/2007 2:40:20 PM PDT by doug from upland

Because today is the fourth anniversary of the commander in chief landing aboard the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN with the famous 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED' banner, the enemies at home are going to attempt to use it for political purposes. I don't think I need to name the enemies at home. We all know them well. They are the ones who see defeat as politically beneficial to them and will do whatever they can to embolden the enemy and hurt our troops.

To get to the truth of the story, I phoned the media office of the 2nd Fleet in Norfolk, VA. The man who had the answers for me and graciously returned my call was Captain Conrad Chun.

'When something of such high level is planned, such as the landing of the commander in chief on the ship,' said Chun, 'there are several planning meetings. At one of the meetings was the idea for a banner that said MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.' The mission in this case, was the mission of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN. The men and women aboard the nuclear-powered carrier accomplished their mission and stayed out for a record time -- 290 days. It was a very long cruise for them.

The banner specifically was designed to celebrate and memorialize the ship's successful deployment. According to Chun, they had no way to make the banner aboard the ship, so the White House was asked to have it made for them.

"There are still those who will doubt the story," said Chun, "but after speaking to those on the ship, I have no doubt that is how it happened."

On a side note, Godspeed to my former son in law Josh who is on the Nimitz now. Go, Navy!"

50 Reasons Why The Democrats are Hypocrites When it Comes to ENRON

I ran across this Enron piece on the web. It bears reminding, since the drive-by media like to associate the colossal Enron scandal and failure with Republicans only.

Charles Krauthammer on George Tenet

Charles Krauthammer on George Tenet on National Review Online

Quite frankly, I never felt comfortable with Tenet, a Clinton appointee, staying on as CIA Director under Bush. My conspiracy theory was that he "had something" on Bush. Of course, there is also a lot to be said for continuity in an institution such as the CIA. I would add that this continuity was not such a good idea after eight years of complacency and re-direction after the end of Cold War. Also, Clinton was the guy who had previously appointed John Deutch, who euphemistically "mishandled" classified information, and attempted to get Anthony Lake to succeed him. If I can remember why I disliked Anthony Lake, perhaps I'll mention it later. If I recall, he had a soft spot in his heart for the old Soviet system of government. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.