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Fitna, The Movie

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Saddam's Terror Links -

Saddam's Terror Links - "It's true that the Pentagon report found no 'smoking gun,' i.e., a direct connection on a joint Iraq-al Qaeda operation. Supposedly this vindicates the view that Iraq's liberation was launched on false premises. But the Administration was always cautious, with Colin Powell alleging merely a 'sinister nexus' in his 2003 U.N. speech. If anything, sinister is an understatement. The main Iraq intelligence failure was over WMD, but the report indicates that the CIA also underestimated Saddam's ties to global terror cartels."

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Pentagon Report Confirms Saddam’s Regime Supported al Qaida

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Here is a blogger's (Scott Malensek) far better analysis of the leaked Pentagon report that initially claimed there were no ties between Saddam & Al Qaida. It is so worth a read. He is somewhat of an expert in this topic.

Tracking Iraq -- What the Media Did Not Tell You This Month

Gateway Pundit: Tracking Iraq-- What the Media Did Not Tell You This Month

Remember, if the trend was the opposite, you would be hearing about it 24/7 . . .

Report Details Saddam's Terrorist Ties - March 14, 2008 - The New York Sun

Report Details Saddam's Terrorist Ties - March 14, 2008 - The New York Sun

The initial breaking news reports that came out after this Pentagon report was released typically read something like this Wichita Eagle report:

No proof of Saddam, al-Qaida link
The Wichita Eagle Tue, 11 Mar 2008 4:46 AM PDT
An exhaustive review of more than 600,000 Iraqi documents that were captured after the 2003 U.S. invasion has found no evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime had any operational links with Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network. The Pentagon-sponsored study, scheduled for release later this week, did confirm that Saddam's regime provided some support to other terrorist groups, ...

What was it, opposite day, for the "Drive-by" Media? The crux of the report is that Saddam had EXTENSIVE ties with terrorist organizations, just the opposite of what the headline would like you to believe. And we also know, from the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, that Ramsi Yousef was an IRAQI intelligence agent, who swore to FBI agents that the towers would eventually come down.

To say that there is no proof that Iraq did not support, employ or outright create al-Qaida linked terrorists, is to say essentially that night is day. It just amazes me that the Media outright get away with what can be called propaganda - the constant repeat of a lie until it is accepted as conventional wisdom, or "truth." Or the twisting of a report to give it just the right headline to trick readers into thinking just In this case, the narrative is that "Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11,": it follows that the evil LYING President tricked us into going into a war with a peaceful country.

At least the New York Sun gives the reporting of the Pentagon Study the proper emphasis:
"A Pentagon review of about 600,000 documents captured in the Iraq war attests to Saddam Hussein's willingness to use terrorism to target Americans and work closely with jihadist organizations throughout the Middle East. The report, released this week by the Institute for Defense Analyses, says it found no "smoking gun" linking Iraq operationally to Al Qaeda. But it does say Saddam collaborated with known Al Qaeda affiliates and a wider constellation of Islamist terror groups.

The report, titled "Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents," finds that ... The Iraqi Intelligence Service in a 1993 memo to Saddam agreed on a plan to train commandos from Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the group that assassinated Anwar Sadat and was founded by Al Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri."

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