Saturday, January 29, 2005

Saturday Morning

Jut sitting here, drinking coffee and reading the "paper." Actually, I've gleaned the headlines of the Star-Ledger, but I find myself depending on news, mixed with opinion, online. I've checked the reports from MSNBC, CNN, DrudgeReport, FrontPageMag, Yahoo, etc.... I watched the SpongeBob video purported to be a subversive plot to indoctrinate children with "tolerance" and perhaps even encourage and accept "alternative" lifestyles. I found no such indoctrination in the video. Just lots of feel-good "love," and getting along, that emotes from the song "We Are Family." Does anybody remember the Pirates co-opting that song? ( Although I will admit, both my 11-year-old daughter and I have noticed casual inferences in the cartoon. One example is the Valentine's Day episode when Patrick is miffed because he thinks SpongeBob neglected to get him a present. The question is, do I find it offensive, if that is the creator's intent?