Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ABC News Reporter Brian Ross Allows Clinton hacks to Warn Iranians of U.S. Plans

Here is the latest from hot shot ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross ...

"Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran"

Well, it is not very covert now, is it? Nor is Iran's "secret" summer offensive (see previous post.)

Doesn't Brian Ross have a responsibility to report that Bruce Riedel is a Clinton operative? If he was Bush 41 team member, I'm sure it would have been plastered all over the article. I am confident this was leaked by Bush enemies trying to undermine Bush foreign policy. You would think the leakers were actually working for the Iranian Mullahs, that is how sickening this is to me. And to me, if you support this Islamo-Nazi regime in any way, even in something as ineffective as some stupid pro-Iranian propaganda hit piece on Bush 43, them you are in effect, supporting the very source and epicenter of worldwide terror and jihad. You are not fighting the good fight.

Could you imagine this headline in 1943?
"Roosevelt to Send Special Forces into Germany to Destabilize Nazi Regime"

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