Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Creating The Myth Of Global Warming Through Fictitious Data

Creating The Myth Of Global Warming Through Fictitious Data: "

Global warming is actually man-made. It is the creation of a few left wing zealots trying to cash the Green Business boom and government tax receipts using fictitious data. The fact is, to this date, the NASA GISS scientist cherry pick and delete actual measurement data to create the impression there is global warming, when in fact the raw data shows no such trend.

WUWT has been spear-heading the exposure of this statistical trickery, a simple sleight of hand which uses one measurement to cover 1200 km (~750 miles). As I noted before, this is like using a temperature reading in Los Angeles, CA to reflect temperatures in Bend, OR. Here is how Steve Goddard posting at WUWT compared this chicanery:

It seems “reasonable enough” to use the Monaco weather forecast to make picnic plans in Birmingham, England. Similarly we could assume that the weather and climate in Portland, Oregon can be inferred from that of Death Valley.

That’s about the distance from Montreal to Washington DC. Is the temperature data in Montreal valid for applying to Washington DC.?

Would anyone in DC checking the ‘climate’ use data from Montreal, Canada? How is this nonsense even considered ’science’, let alone paid for by taxpayers? This is garbage at best, and a lie at worst.

Check out the cmplete post at WUWT, where it shows how this 1200 km ’smoothing’ is used to completely make up temperature trends out of thin air. One such example showing the difference between a 250 km smoothing (dicey at best since 100 km is a stretch) and 1200 km smoothing is this graphic for South America.

In the 250 km smoothing huge regions are not measured (shown in purple) though they could easily be sampled since temperature readings exist. But the same data smoothed over 1200 km completely blankets the real data and creates a fictitious image of warming. Warm spots appear out of nowhere in Brazil!

No one has ever proven you can accurately measure or model temp readings over 1200 km (my back of the envelope sampling referenced above shows accuracy decays over 100 kms to +/- 2-3 degrees, or worse). Therefore, since there is no peer-reviewed proof the 1200 km smoothing used to create the fiction of global warming is valid, the results are not valid.

Lazy scientists who turn a blind eye to this kind of stunt are the ones allowing their ‘industry’ to fall into ruin. Once a profession loses its credibility it takes decades to bring it back. Global Warming has been the science killer, because good intentions do not make up for crappy work. Ever. Let this propaganda stand and the entire profession – from medicine to biology to physics – will be destroyed. And for what? This crap?