Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the Stimulus

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the Stimulus -- FreedomWorks.org: "As with medicine, the first rule of law making should be first, do no harm. The “stimulus” bill fails this test spectacularly." <<< go to the link!

Call the capitol switchboard at 1-866-928-3035 and ask to be connected to your legislator.

Also, fill out the form to send Washington a message:

From FreedomWorks: "Liberals are trying to ram through a "stimulus" package totaling more than $1.1 trillion, which means it will cost each American family over $10,000 a year. Or, another way to think of the massive size of this legislation – its cost is greater than the economies of Saudi Arabia and Iran combined.

Unfortunately, big-government advocates had the numbers they needed to pass this horrific spending bill in the House. But now it moves on to the Senate and if every Republican votes against the stimulus package – just like what happened in the House – it will fail!

Time and time again, the Republican leadership in Congress has pledged that its party will embrace a limited government agenda and support fiscally responsible policy. This trillion dollar debt package is a critical test of this pledge.

I am writing today to urge you to lead the fight against the trillion dollar debt plan being passed off as a "stimulus." Keynesian economics does not work, and the American people want to see leadership from conservatives who are willing to kill this bill in the Senate".

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