Monday, January 26, 2009

The Real Che Guevara -- a KGB fiction

The next time you see someone with a Che Guevera t-shirt on, ask them if they really know who this hateful thug was. Read this article, arm yourself with the facts, and help them to understand that "Che" was a KGB fiction, a pure tool for propaganda to foment the Marxist revolutions in the Western Hemisphere.

Don't see "Che"!: "Soderbergh’s Che is a fiction once created by the KGB community, including my Romanian espionage service, the DIE, and at that time that placed me squarely in the picture. The real Che was an assassin who presided over communist firing squads and founded Cuba’s ghastly gulag system. He was also a coward who called upon others to fight to the death for the communist cause and sent to the scaffold hundreds who did not do that, yet he surrendered himself to the Bolivian army without a fight even though he was armed to the teeth. “Don’t kill me,” Che begged his captors. “I am worth more to you alive than dead.”[3] Soderbergh’s movie omitted this part—it would have demolished his Che."

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