Monday, December 01, 2008

Help Me Understand

I spoke to a very smart republican friend this weekend...he lives across the country in a very liberal city/state and didn't vote. He did however inform me that he would have voted for Barack Obama because he feels we need change. I asked him exactly what he waned changed being that he has had a very good job and just left it for an even better job in sales...yes, he has moved into a higher tax bracket. He stuttered a little..."well, we've been war mongering." Sensing his weakness I attacked and he just claimed the guy is "intelligent and talented so I just though he was the better choice."

Hitler was intelligent and talented...what is going on here. Seeing Obama's recent appointments does give me some comfort though because it is obvious nothing will change at least for a few's the same old same old. Sadly the country has grown complacent which will not turn out very favorable for our children...our children's children ans so on.


Recognizing some of the communist undertones throughout the world one must ask, did we really win the cold war? Is the cold war over? Has it taken on a new face? Che Guevara is on t-shirts...he is idolized...

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