Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Recent Letter to Newt . . .

Mr. Speaker:

I know YOU did not underestimate the Clinton political machine this election cycle, and I probably sound a bit nutty, but I still cannot count them out. I honestly felt the Clintons worked in tandem with "independent" Perot in 1992. I felt the electorate was scammed. Thankfully, the Clinton Presidency led to your (recently squandered) Republican Revolution.

Anyway, my fear all along this time around was that the Clintons would find a way to "rescue" the Democratic ticket through a variety of yet-to-be-revealed October Surprises. I can't help but recall the Lautenberg-Torricelli switch-a-roo in 2002. In a way, the plan is brilliant, in that Hillary will have been able to avoid the scrutiny and the slings and arrows of a full-scale campaign. Obama will suffer all the attacks from the Right, while Hillary will emerged unscathed and savior-like. The attacks from the right will occur too little too late.

Is this scenario possible? Or are there any rules that might prohibit any last minute changes to the top of the ticket? Apparently, the rules meant nothing to the NJ Supreme Court in 2002.



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