Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bloomberg: The Ross Perot of 2008. Deep Pocket Billionaire helps install another Cllinton in the White House

Mike Bloomberg: Registered Independent - The Fix: "Mike Bloomberg: Registered Independent

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is changing his party affiliation from 'Republican' to 'unaffiliated', a move certain to fuel talk that he is preparing for an independent run for president in 2008."

This could be 1992 all over again. Is he going to drop out (when his numbers are high) and drop in again (when the republican candidate polls better) ? Are dirty-trick Republicans going to crash his daughter's wedding too? I guess if it worked for the Clinton's once before it will work again. Bloomberg will be the 2008 Billionaire "Independent", that will divide the Republican base and elect Hillary. I'm sure the Clinton camp has conference calls on this strategy every day. Republicans will be clueless, and therefore unequipped, to battle this electoral strategy. Again. What a brilliant way to avoid McCain-Feingold finance laws.

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