Friday, March 16, 2007

Update on #1 Lang vs. Caldwell

A heartbreaker!!! Darrion thrills the crowds once again. Here is the recap from the NCAA/ website:

Session 3 Mat 8
(Northwestern) Ryan Lang
Weight 141
(North Carolina State) Darrion Caldwell
Score FALL Period 1 Score 1:40

Match Notes
1st: Caldwell puts Lang on his back right away, gets the takedown, but not the nearfall. Escape Lang and then Caldwell in right again, comes out on top in a scramble taking the 4-2 lead over the top seed. Beauty of a throw by Caldwell and this time gets the nearfall, but just 2 nearfall. Great move by Caldwell. Now Lang escapes,l catches Caldwell on his back with a cement mixer and misses it the first time and gets it the second time. Lang close to the fall and gets the fall!!!! at 2:29 what a match!!!! Crowd gives a standing ovation. If Caldwell would have got off his back there would have been 16 pts scored.

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